Ezy Reading: In A Town Called Milthorpe

Evan Kanarakis

The rain it came and went
A torrent
Seemingly over as soon as it began
But the skies are open now
Bright streaks sliver through the grey bluster
The wet road through town shining silver

With the sun returned, the business of the day resumes
Sidewalk stalls abound
Plants, paintings and preserves
Vying for a visitor’s attention
This quaint village appeared as if in the middle of a field
But there is life here, sure enough

The old pub is a grand building
The ghosts on the verandah — they toast another round
I hear their laughter
Across old dusty roads and past the crooked eucalyptus

A schooner under the awning
Corrugated iron that creaks in the heat
Watching the hubbub
Farmers, artists, tourists — mingling as one
So happy a scene
A cynic might find it surreal

Time to move on
Lush green pastures mark the way ahead
A rolling landscape of such splendor
That we soon forget
The town called Milthorpe
One perfect day now in the rearview mirror

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