Ezy Reading:
Postcard From Vegas...
Evan Kanarakis

The Mirage
Las Vegas
Been at the table now for near five hours

It’s always dark in here
But now, near empty
This place is perpetual midnight
A tomb with a soundtrack
Of slot machine hymns

I’m winning, but only just
And it seems this scotch
When paired with cards
Sinks my stack
18 beats 17 and I bust out again

Cindy is here- with her mother
They’re from Montana
They love Montana
Dad thinks they’re at an aunt’s in Ohio
But they love Vegas

Butch from Memphis is here, too
As is old timer, Ron
Ron’s here for a reunion
And I think the guy in the Michelob shirt said his name was Greg
But he doesn’t like to talk much

Our dealers are nice enough
But never engaged
Flipping endless cards
To the numb and disturbed

I take another scotch
From a gal with beehive hair
As she tells me of plans to visit my homeland
One day- soon

Over at the bar
I spy Teddy, from L.A
He was here earlier as well
Teddy won big
So he’s talking to a hooker now

Another thirteen:
I hit
I bust
I reach for a chip
And lay another bet

I entertain this sad dance for one more hour
Until bed calls me in
Too exhausted to celebrate profit
I dream about tomorrow’s first wager
While the hymns still ring in my head- of this most tragic desert life


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