The Cud 11th Birthday Issue
Evan Kanarakis


It is easier to do many things than to do one thing continuously for a long time...

- Marcus Fabius Quintilian


Welcome to a special 11th birthday issue of The Cud!

Eleven years... This is officially starting to get ridiculous!

The articles, opinion-pieces and poems that have made this year's annual hopefully reflect the diversity of interest that we've always strived for since launching The Cud back in November of 2014 with the goal to 'Entertain A New Perspective: Chew The Cud'. Some of our most popular and dedicated contributors feature prominently: talented scribe David M. Fitzpatrick, globe-trotting photographer Catlin Caitlin Cunningham (The CC Photo Files), and Tony Smith, whose articles never fail to stir thought.

This year we also said farewell (for now!) to Daniela Ifandoudas and her consistently hilarious insights into what it is to be the mother of triplets (Keeping It Together). I'd like to thank Daniela for her committed and enthusiastic work over the past two years. Equally as dedicated, Christopher W. Harris -his account in May of 'The Ayers Rock Dingo Murders' was a true reader favorite.

Speaking of, our sincerest of thanks must of course be extended to you, our readers for all your ongoing support. You keep the site going, and it is your votes on favorite articles of the past year that, as ever, make this issue happen. I honestly am amazed that The Cud has managed to make it this far and that, as evidenced by your letters each month, our readership only continues to grow.

Thank you, ye Cudlings!

Evan Kanarakis
Editor, The Cud


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