Ezy Reading: 5.43am

Evan Kanarakis

This week Spring well and truly came to stay here in Maine.

Gone are the brief suggestions of clear skies and warmth only to be replaced a few days later by snow again.

A bright, brilliant blue is on offer as far as the eye can see in every direction.

The sun is shining.






Patches of green on the landscape are emerging.

And the spruce outside my bedroom window is at long last showing signs of life.

The twisted, ragged branches that strained under the weight of winter’s snow are now capped with small, sprouting buds.

Soon the tree will be full again.


This morning I heard a great commotion at that window.

Finches were abuzz!

Wearily I drew back the curtains.

There, at the very top of the tree, the King surveyed his lands.

A bald eagle.





And looking as grand and regal as in the countless photos I’d seen before.

He ignored the finches’ panic and flutter as a minor annoyance, puffing his chest, scanning the neighbourhood.

I tried to remember where my camera was.

The eagle was nature perfect.

A Roman profile.
A strong, healthy body.



And powerful, menacing talons that kept him steady on the perch.

In an instant he was gone, but I followed his flight until he disappeared over the rooftops.

I squinted in the sunlight.

And thanked Spring’s return.




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