Ezy Reading:
The 100th Issue of The Cud!
Evan Kanarakis


100 issues!

That’s quite a landmark for a print magazine, let alone one that lives online where websites are born and then fold within weeks or months, struggling to make it to their twentieth or even fiftieth issue.

Since Oli Pennington and I first started The Cud back in 2004, the digital media landscape has transformed dramatically (as Oli himself discusses elsewhere in this special issue). And, just as the world has changed significantly in that time, so too have our lives as well- I no longer live in Sydney where The Cud was first launched and am now based in New York. Oli still resides in Sydney, but today is married with kids and has parlayed another web venture into a successful, innovative business.

And yet the original intent and goal of The Cud has remained unchanged throughout each and every one of our issues thus far: to consistently offer 'free-form articles and opinion pieces on subjects from across the spectrum' and engage our readers with the challenge to 'Entertain A New Perspective: Chew The Cud.'

We couldn’t have made it this far without the many wonderful contributions from our hard-working, inspired contributors and, of course, without our dedicated readership- which we are proud to have seen grow from a few close friends into several thousand readers now spanning the globe. To all of you, we say a huge thank you!

Everything around The Cud may be changing at pace, but we’re as excited today as we were when our premiere issue launched all those years ago to keep doing what we've been doing. So let's continue to 'entertain a new perspective' and keep on chewing that Cud...

To 100 more!

Evan Kanarakis


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