The Cud Turns Twelve!
The Cud 12th Birthday Issue
The Cud Editors


Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they changed it.

George Carlin


2016 has undoubtedly been one of the most tumultuous years in a very long time.

The world has been witness to several ongoing global conflicts and crises, we have lost several notable and inspiring individuals, and shock outcomes like Brexit and the U.S Presidential Election are sure to reverberate for decades.

Here at The Cud, now in our twelfth year of existence, we have been keeping on keeping on. Since our launch back in 2004 we set out to 'Entertain A New Perspective: Chew The Cud', and I’m proud of our many writers and contributors who have consistently done just that, even as the news and culture we’ve offered commentary on hasn’t always proven as inspiring or positive as we may have hoped.

Our goal is to generate and promote dialogue, to welcome feedback (whether positive or negative) and move the conversation forward.

The Cud is nothing without the devoted and engaged participants who have sustained us through so many years while other magazine websites have come and gone. Thank you all for your commitment and support. And of course a huge thank you to you, our readers, for deciding that this little website, devoid of any fancy bells and whistles in an online world full of so very many distractions, is worthy of your time and interest. I can promise that in the years ahead we’ll strive to continue to maintain and improve upon what we have accomplished so far, and to keep things interesting!

As we do each and every year, we asked you, our readers, to vote for your favorite articles of the past twelve months. Your choices have compiled an issue that reflects exactly the kind of diversity of thought, writing and subject matter that we envisioned when first launching the magazine.

May it continue, ye Cudlings!

Evan Kanarakis
Editor, The Cud