Ezy Reading: At Pheasant Wood

Damian Carroll & Evan Kanarakis

And so it goes
Your tale of fate
From the fabled fields of Flanders
I guess you thought
That you'd return
Not just your suitcase and some shoes
Were you longing for the sands of Bronte?
Were you crying for Mary?
When the world slipped from view at Pheasant Wood

The children here
They weep
How to calm an orphan?
Strangers share condolences
Then avert their eyes away
They find relief within my tears
‘Thank God it wasn’t us’
I wonder will they cry for me?
For the world left us all at Pheasant Wood

Mary what about you?
Was it something you never talked about?
Did you stay awake at night, wondering what went wrong?

We’d said goodbye with fear and worry
But ne’er saw it come to be
So now I stay up at night, wondering what went wrong

The years they healed us some
But some pain never fades
Never really knew a father
Stolen long ago
Never really knew a mother
She was stolen from me too
There’s joy again in young faces that I see before me now
Yet in moments I still weep and wonder
Of all that changed in but one day at cursed Pheasant Wood

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