Ezy Reading:
Tomorrow's Child
Evan Kanarakis


He was our idol
The older brother we wished for
Always in good spirits
Reassuring smiles
There to counsel and protect us
He would go far

I wanted to be him
In that small town he was the favourite son
The girl
The grades
The athlete of acclaim
Expectations were set

We used to wonder where he’d fly to-
In the schoolyard, plans were laid
Why not all three? 

Yet something changed
Though the road ahead was clear
Potential was left to rot
And one summer at the factory turned into three
Then a decade
And we wondered why

The town murmured disappointment
Gossip of this perceived failure ran rampant
Resolute, he was unmoved
Flashed that famous smile
And with a shrug and shake of his cap
Was off into the factory once again

Fifteen years ago he was my idol
Perhaps he is happy
But I see that smile has faded
Youth is leaving him
I no longer wonder why
And pray instead to meet a better fate


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