Ezy Reading:
Creston, Iowa
Evan Kanarakis


Her parents didn’t mean it.
She was their only child,
their little angel,
the happiest of accidents.
From so much heartbreak,
an unexpected blessing

It’s true.
They coddled,
over correcting and over caring.
Afraid at every turn of losing her in an instant
Loving too much
(should we dare to utter such a thing)

Growing up
Friends didn’t come easily
-understandably, she escaped
Into the welcome relief of dreams

Her imagination ran wild
What life could be?
Of one day… who might she be?
Fanciful notions
Full of bright lights and laughter
And love

It hurt, then
That when she finally found him
-truly saw him
She unraveled
Stunted and stricken with nerves
Overcome by the truth she recognized

Those practiced habits of old,
They die hard
Her heart-
Too fragile and untested
Painfully shy, she blushed a deep red
And retreated

He was not unlike her:
Withdrawn and uncertain,
He daydreamed of another life
A life with her
If only he could find
The strength

But dreams were not enough
He misinterpreted her flight
For rejection
Even as instinct knotted his gut
Told him otherwise
Told him to make chase

So her months and years
Melted into fantasy
In that vision they made good
Realized their fullest potential
It was everything she could have hoped for
It was perfect

Real and imagined
Perhaps reality was too much to bear-
Is ‘unfulfilled’ the greatest of regrets?
It mattered not, she held no grudge
And clung to her dreams

Life went on, full of hope
Extended by lies of contentment
Her parents, they didn’t mean it:
They only wanted her to be safe
And loved


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