Ezy Reading: Homecoming

Evan Kanarakis

At last these tired legs can stretch,
Bid that stale air farewell.

I’m back.

Too buzzed to feel tired,
And here comes that flurry of hugs and kisses.

We’ll forget the dark truths for now and smile.

Blinding light and the crisp bite of a new morning welcome me,
And yet the heat is already rising.


There’s the shine of that familiar city.

My favourite skyline,
But we’ll leave it all today.

There’s time for her later.

Because soon,
I spy the blue-greens and yellows of my home.

The village waits for us in the valley below.

It’s still as dry here as ever,
Nothing has really changed.


And for that I’m glad.

The same old rooms,
The same old faces.

Old never felt so good.


Absence is no longer an issue.
Where I’ve been, it feels like a dream.

I’m looking to my future, now.

Yes, this gleam won’t last.
But home is home.

And I’m back. I’m back.

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