Ezy Reading:
Evan Kanarakis


An old friend
Long lost but never forgotten
Faded some
A little weary
Yet with all that familiar charm
Still intact

Excitedly, we rush in
Embracing memories, creating new war stories
And erasing
(with each round of beers)
The chances for some to ever take hold

There are a few changes
Mere cosmetic adjustments and mandated repairs
This den of joyful iniquity may be dark
But the floor plan
Like this acrid devil’s stench- are unchanged

I pause
Realise I’ve never been here in daylight hours
Shudder at the thought
Of seeing my beloved pal in less complimentary light
If only he could return the favour
Rid the place of these damned mirrors

On into the night we go
It’s not a pretty sight
Chasing down past glories
But we’re moving too fast to care
Coins pour freely into the juke
And those old tunes sound better than ever 

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