There And Back:
Tom Chesson


Sydney is a place I've spent a few years in, and I've developed a soft spot for her. Sydney was founded on booze and bonking, so it was natural  that I spent most of my formative years living there. Whilst the bonking alluded me, booze and a secret addiction to dancing to Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap made me realise that even a concrete jungle is full of life. I pity the next generation whose freedoms are being curtailed by the ridiculous lock out laws coupled with poker machines which are shriveling Sydney's soul. For all her faults, I love Sydney. It's a fantastic place...



Tom grew up on a farm in far western NSW and knew at a young age his shooting was best done with a camera. With a journalism, media adviser, CEO and now  with his new job working on a plan to release the carp herpes virus into Australia's waterways, photography is part of Tom's everyday work. Outside Australia's capital cities is where Tom does most of his shooting and wandering around regional and rural Australia is home to his 'happy place'. Tom usually has a camera on him and can be followed via Twitter @tomchesson01