There And Back
Tom Chesson


Canberra is known by locals as the bush capital and the surrounding Brindabella Mountain range provides Australia's capital city with it's unique skyline. Canberra considered a cold hole by almost every other Australian is one of the few areas in the country to have four seasons. The light changes dramatically from season to season from harsh vivid red summer sunsets to soft winter blues pinks and purples making for an everchanging skyline well worth stopping for.











Tom grew up on a farm in far western NSW and knew at a young age his shooting was best done with a camera. With a journalism, media adviser, CEO and now  with his new job working on a plan to release the carp herpes virus into Australia's waterways, photography is part of Tom's everyday work. Outside Australia's capital cities is where Tom does most of his shooting and wandering around regional and rural Australia is home to his 'happy place'. Tom usually has a camera on him and can be followed via Twitter @tomchesson01