Poetry From The Cud:
Words, Once Atomic
Dominick Montalto


The poet’s tongue has decomposed from lack of use,
and the bowels of his language
have been evacuated into the ash heap
that resides in the silent urn of his skull.

The ink he spills on the page is a string of stains without meaning, without art.
His words, once atomic, now lie defused and defunct in a desert of unpublished verses,
left to disintegrate in the arms of oblivion
like the towering statue of Ozymandias brought to ruin by the marching orders of Time.

Dominick Montalto is founder of A Poet's Perspective, a blog featuring biweekly blog posts on a variety of topics, primarily geared toward writers and those interested in getting their work published, including weekly reviews on Wednesdays. The blog features an Editorial and Writing Services page where readers can take a look at the type of services Dominick offers, and also has a variety of his previously published poetry and essays.